Brand Review – Trexi

TrexiTrexi speaks multiple language and transcends territorial borders, reaching out to audiences at all levels without barriers.

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A canvas art toy that can be personalized in a variety of styles by different designers and artists working with different mediums, It is a trendy designer figure measuring 3-inches, Trexi embodies instant charm, personality and a distinctive character that is wholesome, fun, cosmopolitan, modern, hip and trendy.

Creations all around the world have found their way onto trexi, including those from time-honoured brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Motorola, o.d.m., as well as prominent designers such as David Horvath, Brothersfree, Devilrobots, Mori Chack, and many more.

Here’s are some of the collaboration that Trexi has done with.

trexi - Darkvoid

Dark Void

Dark Void

Game publisher, Capcom, specially produced Trexis to enhance the marketing of their new video game, Dark Void.

trexi - mda

Media Development Authority

Media Development Authority

The Media Development Authority of Singapore commissioned memory drive for their 2007/2008 Annual Report. Bundled inside the memory drive, this Annual Report was not only unique, but environmentally friendly as well.

Raging with attitude and personality, every Trexi brings across a unique message. They are designed with Style and flair.

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Designer Toys – The Bird Is the Word Bronze

The highly anticipated The Bird Is the Word has arrived!

The highly anticipated Bronze Mao will finally be arriving soon after making its debut and Frank Kozik’s 2009 solo show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. Following the sold out bronzes of Ludwig Von and Mecha Nana this edition of 20 pieces should sell out relatively soon. Another instant classic!!!

Measurement of “The Bird is the word

16″h x 14″w x 12″d

Picture – The Bird is the Word provided by

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Designer Toys – KeyBotz DIY

Create your own KeyBotz character!

What is a KeyBotz?

KeyBotz™ is the very first designer toy platform to come out of Sweden and is a mix between the designer toy concept and a dash of industrial design and functionality.

What’s the measurement for a KeyBotz figure?

KeyBotz is a 2.5 inches small figurine that besides looking splendid in your book shelf can be used as a container for your keys and can be carried around in your bag, your pocket, around your neck, etc. – Just place one key in each of its arms and it will be your faithful KeyBotz servant forever!

The aim with the KeyBotz?

The concept is to put Sweden on the “designer toy map” by collaborating with artists around the world, offering its body as a canvas to create on.

KeyBotz Rulz!

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