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Q. Do ThatToyShop have any retail shop to visit?

Ans: We operate out of cyberspace to save on expensive retail space, which we work on here for now. However if you have any questions for us just hit the “contact” button at the top of the store menu and we’ll get right back to you.

Q. Do ThatToyShop provide Pre-Orders as well?

Ans: We provide pre-order for customers as well. However due to the limited quantities that TTS can orders, it is unlikely that TTS can make another orders for that particular items once quota has hit which we will close the pre-order sales.

Customers need to pay full amount before taking any pre-orders.
We afraid that there might be late cancellation after making the orders for you.

Shipping fees will be invoiced in a later date once items arrived. Once payment has make we will ship the item within 1-2 working days.

For any late cancellation upon receiving the payment, 30% of the total fees will not refunded to cover the cost for the cancel orders.
So order carefully if you might find it elsewhere. We appreciate your understanding.

Q. Do you have a Facebook account? We are interested to add you in our list.

Ans: Yes we do! You can add us at We are happy to be your friends.We are always adding news range of toys so do add us as friends.

Upcoming products include Tokidoki, Disney Princess, Mickey Minnie, Lilo & Stitch, Urban Vinyl Toys and lot more products will be add in facebook. Don’t forget to add us if you are intending to get great toys.

Q. Do you have any newsletter? We are interested to get updates from you.

Ans: Yes we do! Subscribe to our free newsletter for latest updates on us. Sign up as Member to have your own personal account in our store as well.
Do note that you receive free discount voucher as well once you sign up with us!

Q. Do you blog as well? Or any program that enable us to have constantly update from you other than Newsletter?

Ans: Yes we do! We will be constantly update store news through our BLOG! We also provided updates for our items including pre-orders, new toys arrival, promotions and interesting events in toys industrial.
Visit our blog/news area to have more information. We may not be one of the big guns in toys industrial but we are happy to updates news that we love most!



If you have any questions / comments on us (Service, Products, etc). Just hit the ''contact us'' button at the top of the store menu and we'll get right back to you.
We love to hear from customers on our service and will learn and improve as time goes by.

Thank you for visiting ThatToyShop, We hope this brief introductions will give you some insight about us and when you run across our items feel a little more comfortable.

If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see on sale send us an email we will try and find it for you as well.